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About Us

Company Overview

SAS  special solutions provides a wide variety of  services — not only related to Security within Russia, Afghanistan, Iraq and other places. Clients include private individuals, small and large-scale businesses and organizations, and anyone in need of special security arrangements.

Bear in mind that some services cannot be presented online; while on the other hand we are capable of providing almost any security job. Should you be interested to hire our services, please request access to our site and we will send you a user-name and a password.

This is what we are good at:

Corporate, Industrial and Executive Security

  • Transporting Valuables
  • Personal Tracking
  • Narcotics Detection
  • Personal Security
  • Industrial Security
  • Risk Assesment
  • Explosives – detection and disarming
  • Pre-employment Screenings
  • Security against Terrorism and Kidnappings
  • Surveillance
  • Counter Surveillance







Private Residences

Event & Public Venues


  • Body Guard Services 
  • Protective Escorts 
  • Vehicular Protection


We use the principal of role-based access and least privileges. Only employees which need to have access to data will have the access.

Customer data is stored permanently except when a valid request is made by a user to have their data deleted as per the GDPR.

Each customer owns their data. We host this data for them in order to provide the services that make up Sling.

Except for passwords and employee ids all data is stored without encryption. Passwords are hashed and social security numbers (if provided, they are not mandatory) are encrypted. Both use very secure hashing functions and encryption schemes respectively.